Human Resource Management

Management of resources is one of the most important departments of organizations. And with the human resources system of A B SYSTEMS

You can handle resource management with ease, accuracy and speed




Manage employees successfully


Concentrate all your information in human resources

The good work of the company is based on the good work of the staff

man Resource System from Odoo enables you to manage all employees effectively so as to increase their efficiency

Compile all information related to the employee in one place

Manage contracts for employees

Track the status of staff, job titles, type of contract, dates and schedule

Create employee profiles

Collect all information related to each employee in one place.

Manage schedules

Create weekly and monthly schedules and follow the time spent by employees in projects.

Dealing with attendance

Keep track of your employees’ presence at work. Human resources managers can track the monthly attendance of employees easily by entering the list and its status as well as can connect the system to the fingerprint for attendance and departure

Vacation Management

Manage holidays, legal papers and sick days.


Get a dashboard for each manager.


Manage your recruitment process


Recruitment is carried out through the application of human resources from ODOO from A B SYSTEMS where job descriptions and job applications are done by clicking on the keyboard

The human resources system of A B SYSTEMS is in line with the Saudi business system and social insurance system

Salaries are calculated in the A B SYSTEMS Human Resources Program including salaries and allowances in accordance with the Saudi Labor Code and the Social Security Scheme GOZI

ODOO HR from A B SYSTEMS provides easy staff assessment