نقطة البيع (POS) سهلة الاستخدام


Prepare in minutes

And sell in seconds


Everything your store needs

Point of sale from Odoo is based on a smart interface suitable for all retail companies without any difficulty

Due to the flexibility of the odoo system, we at A.B SYSTEMS can make it suitable for your activity

Online or Offline

You may need to activate the online POS on your system

But you can continue to sell without impact even in the event of an internet outage

Integration with inventory application and accounts

As usual, Oudoo ‘s program has all its applications integrated

The POS  application of Odoo is integrated with the inventory application. The inventory is automatically affected by POS operations

It is also possible at point of sale to know the available stock of any goods without having to return to the stock and lose time

A B SYSTEMS POS system enables you to issue invoices and add (VAT) automatically in accordance with the Saudi zakat and income system