AB-SYSTEMS is a technology company that works in the field of ERP and its mission is to provide useful application programs. It also provides technical consultancy and advisory and technical support to a wide range of institutions and companies that rely on ERP programs through the ODOO program. Not available in other programs

Odoo is an integrated ERP software system through AB-SYSTEMS as the largest ready-to-use software and source code that can be modified in accordance with the Open Source Software License AGPL

Our vision

AB-SYSTEMS seeks to be the first customer reference in the field of software by applying the highest level of efficiency to provide an integrated program aimed at facilitating the work of institutions at a professional level at the right time and at very reasonable prices

AB-SYSTEMS also provides user-driven programs that enable the software modules that provide only the functions they need, such as accounting, sales, warehousing, procurement, manufacturing, human resources, customer relations, point of sale, etc., making the system easier and less crowded, Functions are readily available by enabling additional software modules or creating new software modules, as well as the ability to deploy and share additional software modules among system users that provide additional functionality that is not available on all platforms.

AB-SYSTEMS offers programs suitable for all types of activities, whether commercial, industrial or service, as well as specialized activities such as clinics, clinics, schools, educational institutes, car rental, contracting and other activities.

AB-SYSTEMS also provides other services that help companies to spread and achieve their marketing objectives such as web design and design of mobile applications as well as creating electronic markets for companies that seek to sell online

AB-SYSTEMS is a group of highly qualified engineers and programmers with long experience in ERP, as well as applications for various commercial and industrial activities

AB-SYSTEMS always strives to develop its services in line with the requirements of its customers to make the working environment in companies easier, faster and more productive.

We have different price plans to suit the needs of each customer, we seek to achieve the highest quality at the best price