Easy accounting

Amazing, easy, full-featured

Elegant and full-featured software

, the accounting software also serves the debt of all companies of all sizes

Save time

A beautiful user interface

A fast, user-friendly interface that users will love. Based on Google Material design direction.

Reduce data entry

No need to manually create, print, and send invoices, record bank statements, and track payments … all automatically and automatically.

Collaboration and alerts

Follow your concerns and get automatic alerts by adding a feature that can alert you to the part you wish to alert.

Pay multiple bills

Ability to reconcile payment and multiple invoices using the button in the payment form.

Easy step

Simplified initial preparation with the configuration progress bar (eg: Set primary balances from a single screen).


Get instant access to all your accounting features, wherever you are, on tablets or smartphones


Processing of customer invoices
Easy to create Odoo invoices which is a beautiful and complete feature (payment terms, multiple taxes, discounts, price lists)

You can use the ODOOO account system with our company A B SYSTEM to customize the terms of payment for each business or for a group of customers as required

Odoo accounts can also set and change discount rates as well as price lists

All of this is easily done with the Odoo system of A B SYSTEMS

Advanced payment terms

Support multiple payments for a single bill, cash discounts, prepayment, and partial adjustments.

Draft invoice proposals
Billing drafts are generated automatically by Odoo based on sales order, schedules, or delivery orders.

Settlement of payments immediately
When you create an invoice, Odoo suggests automatically settling the payments so you do not have to reconcile them later

Smart Settling Tool

Automatically get settlement proposals, record journal entries directly, and search efficiently. Manual reconciliation interface for open and paid invoices. Calculate account numbers based on the first manual settlement. Odoo matches 95% of invoices and payments automatically, and allows the Smart Matching tool to make the remaining 5% super fast.

Easy outstanding payments

Get a partial and full settlement offer directly from the invoice or check

The accounting system of A B SYSTEMS complies with the Saudi zakat and income tax system in terms of calculating the value added tax (VAT) as well as how to issue invoices including the added value. As well as reports submitted to the Zakat and Income Authority


The A B SYSTEMS accounts program provides an unlimited number of reports where there are a number of key reports as well, allowing the system to design reports to suit business needs

The accounting system enables Odoo to make estimated budgets for each department or department or product easily

Accounting Software Saudi Arabia Accounting Program from Odoo
Accounting software is beautiful and easy to use.

The accounting system of A B SYSTEMS complies with the Saudi zakat and income system in terms of the VAT calculation as well as how to issue the invoices including the added value. As well as reports submitted to the Zakat and Income Authority

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